The search for the right senior living community can be a long process. Once you or a loved one has determined that senior living is the next step, you need to decide which community best suits your family.

There is a lot to consider during this process, which can be confusing, especially if you are new to navigating senior housing and care options. As a senior living community in Dallas, Texas, our team at The Grove on Forest Lane wants to help you navigate your search and schedule visits to senior living communities of interest to you. We are sharing three things to consider when visiting a senior living community.

1. How Does the Community Make You Feel?

You may be able to answer this question shortly after you walk through the community’s front door. Your experience in the community’s front lobby is a direct reflection of the overall operation.

Pay attention to smaller details like the cleanliness of the community, how the team members and residents interact, and the natural lighting throughout the common areas and apartments. This community will be your home or the home of someone you love, and you want to make sure it has an atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

Nestled in a smaller neighborhood, our Dallas assisted living and memory care community cultivates a close-knit sense of community that allows residents to feel pampered and nurtured. We focus on fostering an inviting environment that enables individuals at The Grove on Forest Lane to feel comfortable and safe.

2. Is the Community Easy to Navigate?

During your tour, take note of whether or not the community is easy to navigate. Does the community’s layout make sense for your or your family member’s level of mobility? For example, consider a daily routine.

  • Would you have to go to one side of the community to eat breakfast and then all the way to the other side to participate in a morning exercise class?
  • Are there a lot of stairs?
  • Are the doorways and hallways wide?
  • Are there handrails along the walls?

The community should feel spacious and beautiful, but it should also be designed to meet the challenges that can come with aging. These observations can narrow down your community choices based on overall layout and convenience.

3. What Levels of Care are Available?

You likely aren’t touring a senior living community if it doesn’t offer the level of care your family currently needs, but what if care needs change in the future?

It’s important to be proactive and inquire about the additional levels of care the community offers and if residents can easily transition into a higher level of care if needed.

Another question is whether the care services are customized or personalized to each resident. This is an extremely beneficial aspect of care as it ensures that each resident gets the care they need.

At The Grove on Forest Lane, our senior living community in Dallas, Texas specializes in the customization of services for each resident. We focus on providing individuals with additional support in their daily lives to promote safety and foster independence.

With programs that center around the dimensions of wellness, residents utilizing our assisted living services benefit from personalized assistance, community activities, events, and thoughtfully designed amenities.

The memory care programs we offer at The Grove on Forest Lane are thoughtfully designed to provide residents with a safe and comforting environment that promotes an active lifestyle full of meaningful engagement. Our goal is to help residents feel cared for, supported, and connected to those around them.

Finding the right community for you or a family member takes time. Be patient and thorough in your search, and it will pay off.

If you would like to learn more about our senior living community in Dallas, Texas, and see what we can offer you or someone you love, we invite you to contact The Grove on Forest Lane to schedule your personalized visit!