Falls can be a serious concern for aging individuals, and many of these falls happen at home. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports “about 36 million falls are reported among older adults each year.”

The good news is that there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of falls and increase home safety. As a Dallas Senior Living community, our team at The Grove on Forest Lane is sharing fall safety tips for home – whether yours or the home of someone you love.

Tip 1: Keep Floors Clear of Clutter

One of the most important things you can do to reduce the risk of falls at home is to keep floors clear of clutter. For instance, ensure no objects, such as shoes, books, or magazines, are in the walkways.

If you have rugs, ensure they are secured to the floor and not curling up at the edges. A clean and unobstructed pathway can help avoid trips and falls.

Tip 2: Install Grab Bars and Handrails

Installing grab bars and handrails in strategic areas around the home is also a great way to improve home safety and prevent falls. For example, grab bars can help steady individuals as they get in and out of the shower or bathtub, while handrails can help navigate longer hallways or climb up and down steps. Ensure these fixtures are installed securely and can support the appropriate weight.

Tip 3: Improve Lighting

Poor lighting is a major contributor to falls at home. Another fall safety tip for the home is ensuring all areas are well-lit, especially stairways, hallways, and other areas that get a lot of foot traffic. Consider installing motion-activated lights in these areas to ensure they are always illuminated when needed.

Tip 4: Wear Appropriate Clothing and Footwear

Clothes and shoes can also affect a person’s risk of falling. For instance, avoid backless shoes or shoes with slick soles, as they can be slippery and make it difficult to maintain balance. Instead, opt for shoes with non-slip soles and good support. In addition, ensure your shoes fit well and are not too loose or tight.

Additionally, wear clothing that fits close to the body and avoid loose or flowy garments. These options can easily catch on furniture or doorknobs and cause trips or loss of balance.

Tip 5: Check for Hazards

Regularly inspect the home for hazards that could cause a fall. This could include loose or damaged flooring, loose handrails or grab bars, and uneven surfaces. Address and fix any issues as soon as possible.

Tip 6: Be Mindful of Medications

According to Harvard Medical School, older adults who are on multiple prescription medications have a greater chance of falling. Some medications, their study states, are well-known for side effects including an increased risk of falls.

Tip 7: Keep Items Within Reach

Avoid reaching for items stored in hard-to-reach areas, as this can throw off balance and increase the risk of falling. Instead, store commonly used items within easy reach. If you do need to access something stored in a place that is not easy to get to, consider asking someone to help you.

Tip 8: Stay Active

Regular exercise can help improve strength, balance, and coordination, all of which can help reduce the risk of falling. Talk to your doctor about what types of exercise are safe for you, and aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day.

Falls are a serious concern for aging individuals, but being mindful and implementing home safety strategies can significantly reduce the risk of falls.

If you are a family caregiver, it is important to be aware of fall prevention measures and home safety tips that can be implemented in your loved one’s home. You can help by checking for hazards in the home as well as encouraging your loved one to stay physically active.

Ultimately, practicing fall safety tips for the home can help individuals live a more fulfilling lifestyle and avoid injury.

Our Dallas senior living community implements all of these techniques and more into the care services we provide to enhance the lives of residents. If you would like to learn more about The Grove on Forest Lane, we invite you to visit our website or contact a member of our team.